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​"We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing."
George Bernard Shaw
Why become a member?

When you join a toy library, you:

•    keep your child entertained with new toys each week
•    provide toys appropriate to each development stage
•    save yourself hundreds of dollars
•    teach your kids the importance of sharing
•    try toys before you buy
•    keep your home from getting cluttered with toys
•    meet other parents in your area

Membership types

A standard family membership is $60/year. Discounted membership is offered to concession card holders and seniors, as well as members who serve as roster shift co-ordinators and committee members.

All members also pay a $20 bond that is refunded upon resignation, provided all membership conditions have been met.

Membership types:

​​Standard - $60/year
Concession - $40/year
Grandparent - $40/year

Organisation - $100/year

Roster Free - $140/year
Short Term - $10/month minimum 3 months

All memberships (excluding short term)  last for 12 months from the join date.

To become a member, fill out this online form. You can pay securely by PayPal online or in cash or credit card during any library open session.

If you have any questions about becoming a member, email us at

Toy Borrowing FAQs

When should I join?

We recommend you join the library when your baby is about 6 months old. We have a great variety of baby and toddler toys to keep babies entertained and stimulated during each stage of their development. And best of all, you can easily swap toys when they get bored of them.

Are the toys clean?

All our toys are clean and in good condition. We ask members to wipe down toys before returning them. Cleaning supplies are also available at the library.

What happens if I return my toys late?
You have a full week from the toy's due date to return it. So, if you borrowed a toy during a Tuesday session, but can't return it on a Tuesday, you can return it on a Friday session or Saturday session that week, on on the following Tuesday, without a fine. For toys that are overdue by longer than a week, there is a small fine of $2 per toy per week. Late fines are very rare, and whatever money is collected goes towards buying more toys for the library. We send out an email reminder a week before the toys are due, and you can always email us to let us know about special circumstances.

What happens if I lose a toy piece?
Don't stress, this happens all the time. There is a fine of $2 for each toy piece that is missing. When you find the missing piece, simply bring it back to the toy library and get a refund. Or you can re-borrow the toy to give you more time to search for the missing piece.


Can I reserve a toy?
Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the space to reserve toys in our current location. However, there are always plenty of toys to choose from. Party Toys are stored outside the room and need to be reserved in advance.


How do I take care of the toys?
We ask our members to take care of the toys as if they were lent to you by a friend. For example, don’t leave large toys out in the sun and rain, and don’t immerse toys in water unless they are specifically labelled as bath toys. Please clean your toys before returning them, we are required to ask if you have prior to returning your toys. We have cleaning supplies available should you have forgotten. 

How do I clean the toys?

Toy Libraries Australia, our peak body has written this guide to help members with tips & instruction on how to clean their borrowed toys.

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